Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

Well I just so happened to be driving past Picklemouse Corner and there was a parking spot so I HAD to stop. I found a scrap bag that had my name on it so its my Tuesday Treasure. Im hoping its going to revive me insperation that has gone astray. I have an idea so keep an eye out to see what its going to become?

Well today I have two treasures. Sorry about the poor pic quality. My sweet best friend Ellie can often be found sitting on my chair, my bed or just getting right in the middle of things. The other day whilst knitting my dishcloths she decided she wanted to be RIGHT NEXT TO ME. What a wonderful treasure is a pet who loves to be around you.  I just dont think she understands shes 25kg and trying to sit on the arm of my chair?


Michelle Ridgway said...

I'm sure that little bag of goodies will get the juices going. Sounds like that car park was meant to be. Ellie sounds beautiful. We lost our boy 2 years ago and we are still in mourning (people think we are crazy) but he was more than JUST a dog to us. So go Ellie enjoy that knitting!

Samelia's Mum said...

Lovely fabrics which will inspire you, I'm sure. Those parking spots in front of shops are fateful aren't they. I think that when I drive by the cheesecake shop and see a spot right in front ;-)

Bev C said...

Hello Rebecca,

Nothing like a bag of goodies to get you motivated. Enjoy your treasure bag.
Happy days.

Anonymous said...

Yep you were meant to go in lol,maybe Ellie thinks she is a cat,lol.

Melody said...

What a great bundle of fabric. It is indeed a treasure, I agree, a pets love and devotion is very very special.

Olivia said...

Nice scrap bag Bec, I am sure whatever you make from it will be spectacular. :)

The dog is so cute oh to have the life of a dog and be able to laze around. :)

Love and Hugs Olivia AKA (Ruth1965)