Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OH SO SLACK. Pics are comming soon. I have just been doing a cross-stitch and finally its done. Working on number two now. Also enjoyed the fabric swap. I was so excited with the new fabrics that I hot straight to making something with them. I came up with an interesting block which was part of what I had seen on TV. Need to pay more attention if I want to make something so I really had to guess? Hope you like Cherry Bomb

Monday, February 23, 2009

Charm pack quilt

This quilt was made from a charm pack and a Wuthering Heights print. I just loved it. I wanted to get it machine quilted so mum quilted a large rose in the centre of each block on her embroidery machine for me. It looks great finished. Thanks Mum.

My first quilt

This was my first real quilt and I made it all by hand because I didnt have a machine at the time. I did machine quilt it a year later.

Ashleighs Wall Hanging.

I made this from a magazine pattern but changed it so it was personallised for my daughter Ashleigh. Should have put more pockets on it as she had it filled up in seconds. Ash loves to collect STUFF.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My own design, vintage bag made from Mada Carisma fabric I feel in love with while shopping with Danielle we both came straight back to work and ordered charm packs so we could see the whole range.

These are some of my Homespun inspired creations. The bunny is my favourite and I can see the family multiplying soon.

Domestic Goddess Apron

My new apron I just loved making. I saw the fabric on a sale rack and just had to have it. I came straing home and started drawing up a pattern.