Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas Giveaway

To start gitting you ready for the christmas rush I am putting up a giveaway.  Up for grabs is a selection of  bright christmas charm squares and a mini christmas stocking, all you need to make the stocking is a backing and a little creative spirit.  Pics comming.  To be in the draw sign up as a follower, leave a comment and your in.  I will draw the winner on 10th of October so good luck to all. 20x5 1/2" charm squares and the stocking.  Pic not to good the colours are much brighter.

Thought Id share some blooms from my garden.  We wait all year to see the beautiful flowers and they last such a short time.   The last picture was taken just before the dog ate the plant!!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


First things first.  Tooth or lack of is feeling much better had the stitch out.  Im really happy because yesterday I hit my head on the corner of the cupboard and took a piece out more yuck but no stitches.  So thats my 3 accidents and I can relax.

BIG NEWS our quilt show is on 25th of September at Springwood Salvation Army so im busy trying to finish all my started projects as well as my yet to start challange project. OPPS!  If only I had a long arm quilter then I may see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Would love to see you there.

EVEN BIGGER NEWS.  Im just putting together a christmas craft giveaway so keep an eye out as it will be up for grabs next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Just off loading my frustrations!  A few weeks back I left my dress making scissors on my chair, well as the story goes I sat down and the scissors went into my leg.  So upto emergency for stitches.  Wont be leaving the scissors on the chair again.  Monday off to the dentist for a cracked tooth and again home with a stitch after over an hour in the chair.  Im starting to feel like somethings just not right.  Praying for no more stitches this year.  Im really not enjoying drinking my coffee through a straw. At least I can still laugh HA HA HA.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Applique Tree Wallhanging

I spent so much time wondering what to do for the next boarder that I finally decided it didnt need one so adding a small boarder and making a wall hanging.  My daughter Alishya designed the tree for me I cant wait to hang it up.

Tuesday Treasure

Im a little early, well only just over an hour.  This is the beautiful sun rise although not a good pic.  Just love the change of season.  Plants are comming into bloom, sun is warming, birds are singing.  My favourite time of year.  The doom of winter is almost over for another year, what a beautiful world we live in.

Tylers Quilt

Amost done this quilt is for a sweet little boy Tyler.  His mum likes bright so I hope this fits the bill.  Cot quilt just needs binding but iv actually finished quilting YIPPEE.

Bed Ends

Working on some bed ends now that spring is in the air.  Soon all the extra quilts will be leaving and into storage for the summer so need time to add a quilt thats not a quilt??
This is my daughters single bed (Bed End) the points will hange over the edges of the bed.  Thanks mum for the pretty emboridery pannel in the centre.

This one was going to be for my bed and almost finished.  Going for the random nothing matches theme.  Will have to go to Alishyas bed as I miss calculated and made if for a double with the last patterned fabric overhanging the edges with tassels one end and beads the other.  I used up alot of damaged doileys and lace on this one.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quilt Show

Just a note that our annual Quilt show will be held on 25th of Septermber at Springwood Salvation Army would love to see lots of happy faces on the day