Monday, May 3, 2010

Hexie Update

My hexies are in the post. The red is mine and received yesterday. Love the swap its always interesting.

Pictures not to good.

I will be posting up my cross stitch needle keeper as a pattern in the next week including instructions, all going well there should be pic steps. KEEP AN EYE OUT!

WINNER OF Giveaway No: 2

This is the picture of the giveaway for this giveaway. The red heads was the last one. Won by Gloria (dont have an addy so will see if I have no reply from her I will redraw). There is 3 pieces 9" x 12" and 1 piece 11" x 12" plus 1 pannel and two quilt labels. Goodluck to all
Ok its nearly tomorrow so I will do the draw. The winner is No: 5 so Congrats to Donna (Renny's) Hope you like your win. Keep an eye out Saturday the next giveaway will be up and the pattern will be uploaded for the needle book. Thanks to all for joining in.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FREE Giveaway No: 2

For the next giveaway there are some fabrics from Paris Ladies which include some ladies blocks printed by Loralie Designs same as the Red Heads fabrics. Pic is comming soon. You will have until the 15th of May to enter the giveaway so Good Luck to all.

Freebie Draw

Sorry to all for the delay in doing the draw. Cheated and wrote numbers 1 to 18 for each post and got hubby to pic a number. SO THE WINNER IS No: 18, Gloria. There are 18 2" blocks, 12 2 1/2" blocks and 3 Red Heads pannels in black/red and white. They are in the post. Big thanks to all for entering the draw please feel free to join into the next one.