Monday, May 3, 2010

WINNER OF Giveaway No: 2

This is the picture of the giveaway for this giveaway. The red heads was the last one. Won by Gloria (dont have an addy so will see if I have no reply from her I will redraw). There is 3 pieces 9" x 12" and 1 piece 11" x 12" plus 1 pannel and two quilt labels. Goodluck to all
Ok its nearly tomorrow so I will do the draw. The winner is No: 5 so Congrats to Donna (Renny's) Hope you like your win. Keep an eye out Saturday the next giveaway will be up and the pattern will be uploaded for the needle book. Thanks to all for joining in.

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Renny's little things said...

Thanks Bec I recieved my wonderful package. I love it.. Trying to figure out what to make. Thanks so much