Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Just off loading my frustrations!  A few weeks back I left my dress making scissors on my chair, well as the story goes I sat down and the scissors went into my leg.  So upto emergency for stitches.  Wont be leaving the scissors on the chair again.  Monday off to the dentist for a cracked tooth and again home with a stitch after over an hour in the chair.  Im starting to feel like somethings just not right.  Praying for no more stitches this year.  Im really not enjoying drinking my coffee through a straw. At least I can still laugh HA HA HA.


Robyn said...

Hugs Bec. Hoping there's no more physical problems popping up to inconvenience you. I had a front tooth capped a few weeks ago but there were no injections or nasty probing around in gums for that.
Visiting the dentist is definitely not on the faves list :(. Keep laughing as laugh lines are nicer than frown ones!

Liz said...

Bec..Poor thing . I still grimace when i think of you sitting on the scissors, .

Shirlwin said...

Neither are the stitches one wishes for!! Commiserations, and best wishes for a speedy recovery from the stitches.