Thursday, March 10, 2011

Knit a Blanket in a Day

This is a great quick project.  Its the noodle wool and only 20 stitches per row.   Knitting up a ball takes around 30min so you can easily get one done in a day.   Really had to knit my son something as he cant use a beaded scarf?  Well I should say he dosent want one.  


Michelle Ridgway said...

Gee even I might manage that. I am the worst knitter ever held a pair of needles. Always ends up very lacy.... you know full of dropped stitches. Loved your article in Handmade.

Olivia said...

Not being a knitter Rebecca I don't even think I could manage this but it does look fab. I have just finished reading the 5 minute chat in the latest Handmade about you :) Your full of surprises " Motor Mechanic" I don't think I could stand the grease under my fingernails :)

Love and Hugs

Rebecca Dippel Designs said...

Olivia the worst thing is that was the bit I loved the most. When I used to get my nails done she would yell at me and say I dont know why I bother because I would go into the shop with grease under and in my nails.